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Our Mission We take care of it. With our well-grounded technological know-how and many years of experience in the industry, and with unwavering commitment, we take the customer’s project reliably to its goal. We take the responsibility for the budget, schedule, and the success of our projects. We make this a measure of our success   Totaly satisfied customers is our ultimate target.
History D&V-Microcomputer Consulting was established in 1982 as a developer for hard- and software. Very quickly a reputation based on our relentless pursuit of service and excellence in every aspect of the design was built. Numerous well know companies subcontracted new designs to D&V-Microcomputer Consulting. 1995 saw the launch of our first commercialised product: an industrial terminal. Communications on the workshop became the red line in all our products. New generations of networked terminals were created with state-of-the-art technology. Applications developed with terminals include operator interfaces, data collection systems, control of print-and-apply and inkjet systems,  etc... Software and integration with other systems is central in our operations. In 2003, the company changed name to DV-Micro BVBA. Today, DV-Micro activities range from services, design and manufacture of industrial hardware and software in all major industries.
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