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DV-Micro excels in industrial ICT solutions in the fields of production, logistics, and commerce. We analyze processes, select the appropriate IT systems and supplement solutions whenever the individual needs of our customers deviate from the standard. We are committed to finding the best solution to positively effect each customer’s requirements after completing a comprehensive analysis of their business workflow. We do not believe in the one-solution-fits-all approach. Each customer has specific requirements and a vision of the way they want to run their business and accomplish their goals. We pledge to listen to those needs and develop a solution that will assist the customer in reaching those goals in the most cost effective and straightforward manner possible.  
System integration
DV-Micro provides a complete range of design, consultancy and electronic engineering services. We offer turnkey solutions that take your development project from concept to product. Or we provide consultancy only in areas where you need us most, form feasibility studies to prototyping and small-series production.  
Electronics design
Letís talk system integration
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